How well do you know your talent?


An effective rewards strategy design means embracing the needs of a diverse, multigenerational workforce. Gen X-ers, millennials, and baby boomers of all backgrounds are working together. It’s a beautiful thing — and something that demands a more nuanced rewards strategy than ever before. After all, “rewards” means something different to different people, at different times in their lives, and in different parts of the world. In the era of choice, how you design and deliver this cornerstone of the talent value proposition is the biggest retention lever you can pull.


As unique as each person’s career is, we can make your rewards structure easier and more efficient with solutions like job levelling across your organization and the world, job architectures that help your employees build careers, and dynamic career frameworks that direct all of your rewards decisions.


An even greater challenge lies beyond creating a flexible framework for a diverse workforce: anticipating jobs that have yet to be created. The next generation of workers will be asked to fill many roles that don’t even exist today. But how can you plan for what you don’t know?


Mercer relies on proven science. Our International Position Evaluation (IPE) methodology underpins the job architecture and methodology we use to evaluate brand new roles. So you can maintain your stride even as the world of work changes before your eyes. 


How can we help?


  • Create incentives that drive growth with talent strategy and employee rewards
  • Get a data-driven read on performance with job analysis and job evaluation
  • Benchmark salaries and level jobs across a wide variety of industries and geographies with base pay and pay structure design
  • Build your employees’ careers through job architecture and career frameworks
  • Manage costs through pay for performance or variable compensation plans
  • Design an effective rewards strategy to drive performance
  • Harmonize rewards strategies following a merger or an acquisition
Globally 92%

agreed that job evaluation helps make reliable compensation and benefits decisions1

    1. Global Job Evaluation Survey Report

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