Can your organization thrive without the right talent?

To effectively attract, retain and manage the right talent, especially in the face of volatile markets and changing needs, organizations need to understand their workforce, the talent flows and rewards that define their internal labour markets, and the impact on business outcomes.

While many organizations are conducting workforce planning exercises to understand their talent supply and demand, pioneer organizations are looking at the broader picture through 'Integrated People Planning'. This innovative approach is a focused people strategy linking inputs from workforce planning, leadership, culture & diversity, people & productivity, and skills & competencies.

At Mercer, we have a proven approach and practical guidance of how to use data to make a real difference to how an organization manages its workforce.

How can Mercer help?

With more than 20 years of experience providing advanced analytics, Mercer can help overcome all of these obstacles.

  • Select and deploy technology
  • Understand employment drivers of business success
  • Tell the story with data
  • Drive change based on analytics
  • Compute the ROI


What's holding you back?

According to Mercer's global survey, we found the top three roadblocks were: technology to integrate data (54%), analytics skills in HR (53%), and management experience to effectively use analytics data (48%).

While many respondents (77%) said they plan to increase their workforce analytics capabilities, the same percentage also indicated that their organization spends less than $100k per year on workforce analytics.

What's more, the deployed analytics are too simple to even understand the link between employees and business success.

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