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Salary increments on the rebound to pre-pandemic levels

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Total Remuneration Survey 2022

S$ 7,165 - S$ 12,080

Human resources (HR) professionals from the world’s leading organizations use our consistent, accurate, high-quality compensation and benefits data.


Wherever you have operations, reliable, up-to-date information on market pay rates and benefits prevalence can ensure your reward packages remain cost-effective and competitive.


Drawing from international data covering 32,000+ organisations in more than 140 markets based on 13 million+ respondents. Country reports also cover markets including Albania, Burundi, Chad, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Reunion, Sierra, Leone, South Sudan, Sudan, and Togo.

Participant pricing

TRS Limited

  • Provides detailed compensation and benefits analysis from the cross industry database
  • No peer cuts

Executives and Non-Executives

S$ 8,495

Non-Executives only

S$ 7,165


  • Unlimited customization by company size indicators from the cross industry database
  • Unlimited peer cuts (minimum 10 companies required)

Executives and Non-Executives

S$ 12,080

Non-Executives only

S$ 10,220

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Partial reports

Policies & Practices Report

S$ 1,000

Review your employment policies or practices and get in-depth insights on salary increase forecasts, attrition rates, hot jobs, graduates’ starting salaries, medical coverage, insurance policies, short and long-term incentive practices and more.


Benchmark Position Report

S$ 5,500

This exhaustive report covers compensation data for more than 1,000 positions and titles. Use the data in this report to keep your employees motivated, effective and competitively-paid.


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Thorough data and consistent methodology


A broad selection of cross-industry jobs, covering the full remuneration package. Industry-specific data is also available through TRS Industry Supplements.


Consistent participation each year ensures a solid representation of market trends.


The TRS applies the same methodology to all countries. Data is correlated using Mercer Job Library position coding and International Position Evaluation (IPE) systems for global consistency.


Study survey results and conduct “what if” analyses with Mercer WIN® to instantly measure your market competitiveness.

It is made up with 5 components

What’s included in TRS

Positions and Functions Surveyed

The Mercer TRS covers more than 7,000 cross-industry jobs, from executives to professionals, in the following job families:

Administration Facilities & Secretarial   Hospitality (Food Service & Lodging)
Communications & Corporate Affairs   Human Resources
Construction   IT, Telecom & Internet
Creative & Design   Legal, Compliance & Audit
Customer Service & Contact Center Operations   Project/Program Management
Data Analytics/Warehousing & Business Intelligence   Production & Skilled Trades
Engineering & Science   Quality Management
Finance   Real Estate Management, Property Development & Investment
General Management   Sales, Marketing & Product Management
Healthcare/Pharmacy Services   Supply Chain

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Compensation reports and publications

Mercer gives you the ability to pick and choose various subsets from the full Total Remuneration Survey (TRS) report.

Workforce benefits reports and publications

Access the knowledge you need to improve workforce engagement, retain top talent and establish your brand in the market.