Comprehensive data to drive your

workforce decisions

Get access to a robust set of data and benchmarks both at market and specific job levels to set competitive pay, develop new pay structures or align productivity and performance.

Policies & Practices Report

Time to review your employment policies or practices? Get in-depth insights on salary increase forecasts, attrition rates, hot jobs, graduates’ starting salaries, medical coverage, insurance policies, short and long-term incentive practices and more.

S$ 1,000.00



Market Regression Report

Compare salaries, job families and sectors with our Market Regression Report which covers annual base salary, annual guaranteed cash, annual total cash, and annual total remuneration. This robust research analysis with market trend lines is particularly helpful to consult when designing salary ranges.

S$ 2,000.00



Benchmark Position Report

How does your business compare? This exhaustive report covers compensation data for more than 1,000 positions and titles. Use the data in this report to keep your employees motivated, effective and competitively-paid. Or let the data help you make changes to attract top talent and stay competitive.

S$ 5,500.00
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Compensation Publications

How do you balance budgets and offer appropriate compensation packages to keep employees motivated, especially in challenging times? Use these publications to plan or compare local, regional and global compensation. From experienced employee remuneration to new graduate starting salaries, we have the insights you need.

Global Compensation Planning Report

Ensure your salary budgets remain on trend with data from more than 140 markets. This report includes GDP, inflation and unemployment rates, actual and budgeted salary increases, mandatory pay increase schemes, short-term incentives, promotional salary increases and more for a variety of job families and employee levels.



Global Pay Summary

Confidently set salary structures with data covering 110 markets, 11 job families and 50 benchmark positions. This summary enables fast, informed decision-making and includes key positions, typical education and experience levels, annual base salary (ABS) and annual total cash (ATC) in local currency and USD. Instantly benchmark your data by position and country, as you require.



Incentives Around the World

How well are you incentivizing your employees? Gain insight into the types of incentives offered around the world and quickly evaluate how these vary by job family and industry. This report includes critical data such as actual payout, target payout, short-term and sales incentives by job family, industry and eligibility.



New Graduate Starting Salaries

How much do you pay graduates for high-demand jobs? Using data from 92 markets, set appropriate starting salaries in both local currency and USD. This report includes: highest and lowest paying markets, starting salaries by bachelor degrees, range spread, degree ranking and a comparison of developed vs. emerging markets.



Supply Chain Management Industry Compensation Reports

As the largest HR data provider for the Supply Chain Management (SCM) industry in APAC, the SCM industry compensation reports provide consistent, accurate and high-quality industry-specific compensation data to help you remain agile and competitive in your rewards strategy.

Luxury and Lifestyle Retail Industry Compensation Reports

As the biggest HR data provider for the Luxury & Lifestyle Retail (LLR) industry in APAC, the LLR Industry Compensation report provides you with reliable and accurate data, insights and trends to ensure your rewards strategy is on-par with your industry competitors.



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Total Remu­neration Survey (TRS)

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