Singapore Pay Summary

Employee pay often represents the largest expense for most companies, which means well-informed salary decisions are critical. Quickly review and evaluate base salary and total cash compensation around the world for a core set of benchmark jobs.

Published: January 2022

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Create a solid foundation for your pay structure
Employee pay often represents the largest expense for companies, and it’s important to provide competitive compensation that helps you attract and retain the right talent while also balancing your budget. Quickly review and evaluate base salary and total cash compensation around the world for a core set of benchmark jobs.

Topics covered:

50 benchmark jobs organized by job family:

  • Administration

    This job family handles a range of diverse administrative or staff functions, which may include finance, human resources, information technology, planning, supply and other corporate services. Activities also include performing administrative and related support services.

  • Accounting & finance

    This job family manages financial and accounting operations. Areas of responsibility include preparing, collecting and interpreting financial information; preparing budgets, reports, forecasts and statutory returns; conducting financial analyses of proposals, investments and fund sources; managing taxation; managing cost accounting systems and cash flow; conducting audits; controlling treasury matters; and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

  • Engineering

    This job family manages engineering and technical operations, and may involve various branches of the engineering profession — for example, electronic, environmental, mechanical, maintenance or plant engineering. Activities include designing, constructing, testing and operating equipment; ensuring that standards of quality, cost, safety, reliability, timeliness and performance are met in production processes; and interpreting plans, drawings and specifications.

  • Executive leadership

    This job family works to achieve the company’s operational and financial goals. Employees help to control, direct and participate in corporate activities through a hierarchy of managers and supervisors. Top managers undertake long-term strategic planning, determine policies, allocate resources and make decisions on growth and diversification to accomplish corporate goals.

  • Human resources

    This job family manages human resources. Activities include developing human resources management strategies and policies to meet business needs; and planning, administering and reviewing activities concerned with recruitment, training and development, compensation and benefits, and employee relations. In some companies, the activities of this job family may include payroll, employee communications and health and safety.

  • Information technology

    This job family acquires, designs, implements and operates information technology resources, including computer hardware, operating systems, communications, software applications, data processing and security. Activities include developing information technology strategies, policies and plans; managing the acquisition, implementation, maintenance and use of information technology resources; and training and supporting technology users. 

  • Legal & compliance

    This job family ensures that the company complies with the legal and regulatory requirements of the country(s) where it operates and strives to maintain positive relations with investors and regulatory bodies.

  • Manufacturing

    This job family is responsible for the production activities of manufacturing companies to optimize resource use, minimize costs and maintain quality standards. Activities include planning, managing and reviewing production operations to achieve output and quality objectives; monitoring expenditures and forecasting resource inputs; and operating, monitoring and maintaining machines and production equipment.

  • Sales

    This job family represents the organization to promote and sell its products and services to individuals or other organizations. Activities include developing and implementing sales strategies; identifying potential customers; managing existing customer relationships; and monitoring customer and competitor activity and industry trends.

  • Supply chain

    This job family manages the supply, storage, and transport and distribution of equipment, materials and goods used and produced. Activities include materials control and planning, managing supplier relationships, logistics and supply chain management, purchasing and inventory control.

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