Singapore Pay Summary

Employee pay often represents the largest expense for most companies, which means well-informed salary decisions are critical. Quickly review and evaluate base salary and total cash compensation around the world for a core set of benchmark jobs.

Published: January 2020

File format: PDF

SGD 500.00

What's inside

The 2020 Singapore Pay Summary report provides current data on pay scales in Singapore. This report contains detailed information to assist in making critical decisions in strategic planning and negotiations, and presents data in clear, easy-to-read tables

The report has three main sections

  • The benchmark position country detail pages are a one stop-shop for country specific data for the 50 benchmark positions. The data are presented in both local currency and USD, and includes low, median, and high rates of annual base salary and annual total cash compensation for each position.
  • The position descriptions section provides general descriptions for each job family, sub-family, and job level included in this report
  • The about this report section delineates the methods used in the report and lists key definitions

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