Your COVID-19 Compensation & Benefits Toolkit

Find the data and insights you need to adapt to the new normal with this comprehensive range of reports.

Global Compensation Planning Report

Ensure your salary budgets remain on trend with data from more than 140 markets. This report includes GDP, inflation and unemployment rates, actual and budgeted salary increases, mandatory pay increase schemes, short-term incentives, promotional salary increases and more for a variety of job families and employee levels.

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Singapore Pay Summary

In times of change, being able to quickly review, compare and evaluate salary and compensation, one of the largest company expenses, is more important than ever. This report includes pay data for core benchmark jobs from 100+ markets with 50 benchmark positions across 10 job families.

Severance Pay Policies Around the World

This publication looks at termination and severance payments, including statutory requirements, notice periods, severance pay policies and payment formulae. Prepare your organization for this sensitive but critical HR area to help end an employee’s tenure fairly and responsibly. Reports are available for 32 different markets.



Mercer BenefitsMonitor™

Keep track of market and statutory changes with Mercer BenefitsMonitor™ (MBM). Stay abreast with how other organizations are dealing with these issues. With coverage across 17 APAC countries, you can run a standard report or benchmark against your competitors. MBM is your one-stop HR information source to customize an indefinite number of reports, as you need them.



Worldwide Benefit & Employment Guidelines

One of our most popular reports, our Worldwide Benefit and Employment Guidelines (WBEG) provides access to global information on employment conditions and typical employer benefits. This authoritative, comprehensive report covers all benefits and employment conditions across 77 markets including: employment contracts, health and safety policies, allowances and flexible benefit programmes, statutory and market practices – all in one place.

Government Assistance Programmes around the world brief overview

A summary of government programs around the world, designed to help businesses survive the pandemic including information around subsidies, grants, legislative changes, and more, for up to 70 countries. Accessible from the Talent All Access Portal, these reports are monitored and updated regularly, as the COVID-19 situation progresses.




Your COVID-19 Global Mobility Toolkit

Design equitable and competitive compensation for your employees on expatriate or local-plus packages with these reports.

Individual Calculations for Localised Packages

When you relocate an employee, ensure that their package is benchmarked against market expectations using our Market Value Service. Our Mercer consultants will work with you to create an employee-specific offer, based on the role, company size, revenue, geography and more.



Advisory on Policies for Pay and Benefits Realignment

Do you need to scale down from an expat package to a local package? Our experienced advisors will review your policy, do a gap analysis and make suggestions on what to change and how to change it to be locally applicable. This service is particularly relevant in changing times.



Mercer Learning – Workshops and Online Courses

Do you or your HR colleagues need additional training? Take the opportunity to upskill with these workshops and online courses. Special modules and discounts are available until the end of May.


Compensation reports and publications

Mercer gives you the ability to pick and choose various subsets from the full Total Remuneration Survey (TRS) report.

Workforce benefits reports and publications

Access the knowledge you need to improve workforce engagement, retain top talent and establish your brand in the market.

Total Remu­neration Survey (TRS)

Need the complete picture? Get everything you need to stay informed and competitive with your compensation packages.

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