When salaries need re-imagining and pay increments are no longer an option, what other benefits can be put into play?

Here are a few reports to get you thinking…

Benefits Spotlight Report

Keep up to date with the latest trends in benefits package design. This essential report includes key benefits and statutory information such as annual leave, work life balance, medical, insurance, vehicle policies, flexible benefit plans and more. Use it to help determine a competitive remuneration and benefits strategy that is fit-for-purpose, flexible and adequate.

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benefits report and benchmark

Mercer BenefitsMonitor™

Keep track of market and statutory changes with Mercer BenefitsMonitor™ (MBM). Stay abreast with how other organizations are dealing with these issues. With coverage across 17 APAC countries, you can run a standard report or benchmark against your competitors. MBM is your one-stop HR information source to customize an indefinite number of reports, as you need them.



Benefits Publications

How do you create the most appropriate benefits packages for your employees and ensure they remain so, year after year? These reports cover all aspects: from transport policies to severance pay, holiday and other global benefits. A wealth of data is available to help you plan or adjust benefits packages, regardless of the economic sentiment.

Car Benefit Policies

Looking for cost estimates and allowances for company-owned and leased vehicles? This publication sets out how car-related benefits (or transportation benefits) can be a differentiator that aligns with your corporate CSR approach. Compare relevant policies, potentially save costs, or even incentivize behaviour change with this report.


 Global PDF S$4,883
 Region PDF S$2,442

Severance Pay Policies Around the World

This publication looks at termination and severance payments, including statutory requirements, notice periods, severance pay policies and payment formulae. Prepare your organization for this sensitive but critical HR area to help end an employee’s tenure fairly and responsibly. Reports are available for 32 different markets.


 Single market PDF S$1,250

Vacation & Other Leave Policies around the world

Find out how your leave policies compare across your industry with this report. Use the data to help craft or enhance your leave policy. The report includes: time off policies, sick days, carry-over leave, cashing out days, and other leave policies to cover situations such as bereavement, marriage, study leave, volunteering and sabbaticals.


 Global PDF S$4,883
 Region PDF S$2,442

Worldwide Benefit & Employment Guidelines

One of our most popular reports, our Worldwide Benefit and Employment Guidelines (WBEG) provides access to global information on employment conditions and typical employer benefits. This authoritative, comprehensive report covers all benefits and employment conditions across 77 markets including: employment contracts, health and safety policies, allowances and flexible benefit programmes, statutory and market practices – all in one place.


 Global online S$20,730
 Region PDF S$4,150
 Single market PDF S$1,390

Benefits Prevalence Report & Benefits Practice Report Summary

With data from Mercer’s APAC Benefits Survey, which is conducted with more than 5000 companies, the Benefits Prevalence Report and Benefits Practice Report Summary will provide you a quick overview of your benefits policies to ensure that your benefits strategy remains competitive.


 Single market report S$3,320 - S$12,030



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