Asia Pacific Monitor

Create more value with your HR budget. For a fixed fee, you can get instant access to data, insights, tools and exclusive networking to help you make informed HR decisions.


Silver: S$ 4,700

Gold: S$ 12,440

Platinum: S$ 15,890

Diamond: S$ 48,360

Why Asia Pacific Monitor?

As your organization reinvents for a new world of work, you need relevant information and actionable insights to help you quickly achieve your HR objectives and business goals. But the lack of reliable market data and standardized methodology across the region can lead to reduced accuracy and confidence in carrying out your HR responsibilities.

With Mercer’s Asia Pacific Monitor, you can:

Get the data you need

Access APAC-focused data you need to know about salary data, market indicators, workforce changes and more.

Stay ahead with actionable insights

Gather the insights you need and learn best practices through Mercer POV’s and thought leadership.

Be empowered through greater connections

Join exclusive members-only webinar and Mercer signature events to network and collaborate.

Get the most bang for your buck

Optimise your HR budget with a cost-efficient package that includes data, insights, tools, networking and more!

Membership Offerings

Your benefits Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
Standard Benefits
Asia HR conference seat(s) 1 seat 2 seats 2 seats 2 seats
APM meetings/webinars 2 seats 3 seats 4 seats 4 seats
Quarterly Bulletins
Talent All Access® Portal (TAAP) publications
Talent All Access Portal (TAAP)  
  • Asia Pacific Geography1
  • WBEG2 APAC online
  • Asia Pacific TAAP Geography1
  • WBEG2 APAC, GPS3 and GCPR4 online
  • Learning Module on TAAP
    • Compensation Handbook, Mobility Handbook, HR Management Terms
    • 5 Learning accounts (2 courses)
  • Global access
  • Learning Module on TAAP+
    • Compensation Handbook, Mobility Handbook, HR Management Terms
    • Unlimited learning accounts (all courses)
Add-on benefits
Benefits Spotlight Report     4 locations 4 locations
Job pricing MVS or mobility reports     6 reports 6 reports
Actual value S$6,360 S$42,290 S$71,160 S$76,000
APM membership package S$4,700 S$12,440 S$15,890 S$48,3605

1 Up to 5 TAAP users for Gold and Platinum

2 Worldwide Benefit and Employment Guidelines

3 Global Pay Summary

4 Compensation Planning Report 

5 TAAP+ Global clients can top-up with USD 5,200 to get additional APM entitlements


APM Webinars

  • Join exclusive members-only webinar and hear from Mercer speakers and subject-matter experts talk about relevant HR issues and topics.

Quarterly bulletin

  • Keep yourself informed on what’s happening in the region. This curated newsletter will focus on APAC HR metrics, market insights, legislative updates and Mercer thought leadership on relevant HR issues and topics.

Mercer Talent All Access® Portal (TAAP) Asia-Pacific publications

  • Connect to the Talent All Access® Portal for fast and easy access to the data you need to help steer your organisation toward success. TAAP Geography region reports provide you with up-to-date and relevant data through easy to digest content.
  • Get the latest salary increase, salary practices, statutory and supplemental benefits from Workforce Benefit and Employment Guidelines (WBEG) APAC, Global Pay Summary (GPS) and Compensation Planning Report (GCPR) Online on TAAP.
  • Diamond package subscriber will get TAAP+ Global Access. For more information on TAAP, please visit Talent All Access® website.

Benefits Spotlight Report

  • Keep up to date with an overview of key benefits practices in the market — our reports represent all industries, with the latest benefits trends and statutory updates.

Microlearning on TAAP

  • Build your knowledge on foundational concepts through Mercer’s micro-learning modules.

Market Value Services / Job Pricing* Report (APAC)


Includes market data of all compensation components from base salary to long-term incentives and benefits.

*Note: Job Pricings are only for Standard Total Remuneration Survey countries and exclude Sub-Saharan African Countries.

Mobility reports and calculators

  • Cost and Quality of Living Reports
  • Cost of Living Index Calculator
  • Cost of Living Allowance Calculator
  • Quality of Living Index + Hardship Percentage Allowance Calculator
  • Expatriate Accommodation Cost Calculator
  • Short-Term Assignment Allowance Calculator

* Benefits are dependent on APM packages, and are subject to change based on availability.

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