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Companies in Singapore are rethinking their approach on merit increments

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The Business Times - 4 Dec

Salaries projected to rise 3.7% in 2020: Mercer survey

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The Straits Times - 4 Dec

Pay to rise but firms also looking at other incentives: Survey

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Bloomberg - 3 Dec

Singapore Salaries to Rise in 2020 as Talent Pool Is ‘Shrinking’

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Human Resources Online - 4 Dec

Industry breakdown: Salary increments in Singapore for 2020

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Using data to drive your workforce decisions

Whether you are setting competitive pay, developing new pay structures or aligning productivity and performance for your people, access to a robust set of data and benchmarks both at market level and at specific job levels is critical to attract and retain the best talent for your business.


Mercer allows you to access data and insight on standard benchmark roles. Using our online tools, we also enable you to create data and insights on hybrid jobs to gain data insights with more precision for specific industries and evolving skill sets that are becoming the norm in a highly fluid, evolving job market.


  • Mercer’s leading benchmarking data and tools cover 130 countries and over 500 participant companies annually 
  • Flexible options available — choose from a single country, industry or role profile up to a full data and consultancy support package
  • Analyse and compare benchmarking data online
  • Access to close to 8,000 cross-industry job comparisons
  • Mercer PayBand Tool - design pay bands based on both market and/or internal company data


Why our surveys?


  • Tried and tested methodology providing consistent data by country, region or globally
  • Consistent participation each year ensures accurate market trends
  • Conveniently analyse the survey results according to your particular needs


Why our tools?


  • Create and maintain pay structures
  • Budget modelling and cost control
  • Deviation Analysis


Experts in compensation and remuneration


We are a leading provider of compensation and benefits information, created from one of the largest databases of employer-reported data. The data is analysed to provide insightful and timely analysis on the issues that impact global HR decision making. Together, our data and analysis help you take the actions necessary to propel your organization forward, attract and retain key talent, and support your human capital mission.


Cross-Industry Survey: Total Remuneration Survey

  • Common jobs across various industries
  • Executive and Non-Executive data
  • Unlimited customization by company size indicators from the cross-industry database
  • Unlimited peer cuts (minimum 10 companies required)

Banking & Finance Industry Survey: Total Remuneration Survey


Hi-Tech Industry Survey: Total Remuneration Survey
Lifestyle Retail Industry Survey: Total Remuneration Survey
Life Sciences Industry Survey: Total Remuneration Survey
E-Commerce & Internet Industry Survey: Total Remuneration Survey


Develop and Compare Your Company Pay Bands with the Market and Manage Compensation Analysis Effectively

We offer a wide range of salary benchmarking surveys and data to suit your needs

  • Access to the latest trends and market data
  • Salary trends – pay, economic, political and labour data
One consistent data source
Locally, regionally and globally where same methodologies are applied to cross-industry and industry-specific jobs
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