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No matter what questions you have about salaries or benefits, our current, real-world data can show you the way. Get the data you need to hire, develop new pay structures, or re-align salaries and benefits with Mercer’s Total Remuneration Survey (TRS), one of the largest databases of employer-reported data in the world.

Comprehensive Compensation and Benefits Data Online

Access data on specific roles or combine data sets for unique insights using our online tools. The result is: customized charts, graphs and reports with the industry-specific data insights you need for a highly fluid, evolving job market. 

Full Total Remuneration Survey (TRS)

Get all the data you need in one place with the full TRS report: an insightful and timely analysis on the issues impacting global HR decision making. It includes:


  • Tried and tested methodology: providing reliability year-on-year for a solid representation of market trends
  • Flexible options: ranging from data on one country, industry or role, to a full consultancy support package
  • Online data comparison: slice and dice it for your specific needs. Our online tools let you analyse survey data in a way that is meaningful for you.

Partial Total Remuneration Survey (TRS)

Do you have a few questions but don’t require the full report? Then the partial TRS is what you need.

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For custom analysis or help comparing your compensation policy against the market, our additional consulting and custom analysis tools can help you:


  • Investigate budget modelling, cost optimisation and compensation
  • Understand market employment pricing and practices during COVID-19
  • Compare and contrast scenarios with remuneration deviation reports
  • Impartially review executive remuneration and sales incentives
  • Find creative and employee-centric ways to reward and engage staff during challenging times.

Whether you are managing the current situation, looking for new ways to lead through this time of uncertainty, or creating a new future in order to emerge stronger, now is the time to talk to us.


COVID-19 Action Plan for a Quick Recovery

We’ve pulled together a selection of reports and publications to help you find financial stability, lead through uncertainty and be ready for the rebound.
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