Achieving business outcomes with organisational design


Organisational design is a systematic process of configuring the structure, processes, and people practices of an organisation with the aim of enabling the organisation to achieve its business outcomes.

BENEFIT VS. TRADE-OFFS : There is no 'best design'. Every design has its rationale, limitations and trade-offs.

BENCHMARKING : Benchmarking against other organisations is useful, but not a 'silver bullet'.

ORGANISATION CULTURE : The prevailing culture in the organisation could resist and reject the change.

NOT STATIC : Organisation design is not static - it needs to evolve with the company.


The promise of analytics is great


Replace fads with evidence-based initiatives, data-based decision-making, prioritise the investments and supplement intuition with objectivity.


Data-driven decision-making is correlated with higher return on assets, return on equity, asset utilisation, and market value.

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