Top 4 critical challenges in conducting online examinations

A complete examination system

Extraordinary times require extraordinary solutions. As universities grapple with the challenges of a debilitating pandemic, service providers are going the extra mile to cater to educational institutions. Ensuring continuity in learning and education is a goal shared by platform providers and platform-seekers. The current situation requires a behavioral shift and technical know-how in equal measure. 

The Mercer | Mettl team understands that well. 

Welcome to the world of digital exams

Our examination platform and AI-powered online proctoring tools enable institutions and organizations globally to continue business as usual in a more convenient and efficient way than ever.


The old way of preparing for examinations requires a lot of effort from administrative teams and test-takers. Creating paper-based questions, physically monitoring exams and then manually grading them pose significant challenges — this takes months of preparation, allows for only a limited number of students to participate in the process to remain manageable, and requires keeping physical records. For test-takers, it means being at a testing center at a fixed date and time, taking a pen-and-paper exam and then waiting months for the results.


Our new approach allows you to configure, monitor and proctor your exams online — and automatically grade them. Test-takers can complete an exam anytime, anywhere, and get real-time results. This approach saves everyone’s time, supports an unlimited number of students and simplifies storing information with seamless digital recordkeeping.

"For our IIMBx program, Mercer | Mettl's online system has helped preserve academic integrity and has allowed us to conduct exams with the same quality as in the classroom. As the value chain of the education systems gets disrupted by new technologies, Mercer | Mettl is a sweet spot for testing. I believe they are going to play an important role in the future of the education space."

- PD Jose Chair, Digital Learning, MOOCs Initiative & Strategy, IIM Bangalore

How Mercer | Mettl has helped clients around the world

Mercer | Mettl’s examination platform features new anti-cheating technology

Our examination platform is:

Customizable — Tailored to your needs

Scalable — Cloud-based platform scales to meet changing demands

Secure — Robust information security and data privacy

Feature-rich — Broad range of question formats and 6+ simulators

Our anti-cheating-technology supports:

AI-based proctoring — 95% accuracy in cheating detection

Human proctoring — Live and recorded monitoring of exams

Mercer | Mettl secure browser — Disables websites and software

Candidate authentication — Verification through OTP, email and ID proof

Gartner names Mercer | Mettl as a strong market player in remote proctoring services
Mercer | Mettl became the only Indian company to feature in Gartner's global Market Guide for top proctoring vendors in the world.

Why Mercer | Mettl is the best partner for your virtual examination needs


Seamless candidate and admin experience

Smooth workflows, automated proctoring, instant results


Easy mathematical typing

Support for formulae typing, mathematical equation and long-answer questions


Robust data security

Data encryption, secure data hosting, compliance with international standards


Portfolio of anti-cheating features

Candidate authentication with human and AI-based proctoring


Real-time, auto-generated results

Question and section-wise reports for easy decision-making 


24/7 support from our exam experts

We are here for you, always

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