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What our clients have to say

  • Online Talents Assessment

    American Express logo

    Mettl's assessments are an integral part of our campus recruitment processes; they help filter a high percentage of candidates ensuring that only the best from our applicant pool make it through. The turnaround time has been phenomenal.

    Kartheek Peyyeti

    Campus Recruitment Manager, American Express

  • Online Talents Assessment

    Samsung logo

    We started a partnership with Mercer | Mettl and acquired a license for their tests. I am pleased to say that we made an excellent decision. We search for highly complex profiles and therefore need to guarantee that we hire the right people. Our evaluation process consists of various components, the most important being the result of the psychometric test. This is why we needed the best service provider.

    Carolina Gonzálezrubio


  • Online Talents Assessment

    Lufthansa logo

    We have been using the online test from Mettl for our hiring process extensively. Mettl assists us in assessing the required capabilities & potential in a candidate with the different parameters used in the online test to gauge the unknown face fitment into the organisation. The results attained from the Mettl - Psychometric tests are real guidance to an organisation to analyse the right fitment of a candidate into the capable job profile.

    Monisha Murugesh


  • Exams, Certifications & Proctoring

    Ghent University

    METTL helped our university set up a comprehensive test platform. METTL Test platform enables our potential students to seamlessly take the online altitude test, and METTL provides a good quality after-sales service to our admission team. We are satisfied with the platform features, help center support of their company. METTL helped us to establish a good quality test platform, and it makes our university admission process much use friendly.

    Vice President, Administrative Affairs,

    Ghent University Global Campus, Korea

  • Exams, Certifications & Proctoring

    Cambridge University

    Thank you so much for all your help and support. I’ve just heard from Annette and SSE and is very grateful and thanks us all for the support we’ve provided over the last few days. Thanks so much, Kamna and Team Mettl ☺

    Hannah Spry

    Senior Stakeholder Relations Manager, Cambridge Assessment

  • Exams, Certifications & Proctoring

    EBZ Business School

    There were a total of 6-7 real good systems for electronic proctoring and online examinations, and I had contacted them all, and only two responded within 24 hours. Because I needed to ensure that I always got support instantly, the other five were already struck-off from my list.

    D. Raphael Beuthner

    CIO, EBZ Business School, Germany

  • Exams, Certifications & Proctoring

    Universitas Padjadjaran

    Mercer | Mettl assured us of the quality and consumer service that other platforms were not offering. Security, integrity, and technology were unmatched, easy to explain, and understandable. The Mercer | Mettl team’s responsiveness and diverse solutions enabled us to reach out to applicants across the distant corners of our country with the utmost ease.

    Ike Marleta

    Director, Pusat Inovasi Psikologi, Universitas Padjadjaran, Indonesia

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