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Total Rewards Strategy Certification (TRSC) programme by Level

  • Building the Fundamentals of Compensation
  • Mercer's International Position Evaluation (IPE) Methodology
  • Pay for Performance: Designing Salary Increment Matrix
  • Pay for Position: Designing Grades & Salary Structure
  • Working with Real World HR Data
  • Advanced Total Rewards Strategy
  • Advanced Job Evaluation
  • Predictive Modelling
  • Getting Started with Employee Benefits

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Mercer Total Rewards Strategy Certification (TRSC)


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Programme 1: Basic Level Certification

This programme provides an all-round understanding of compensation philosophy, strategy and rewards elements. Learn about Mercer’s International Position Evaluation (IPE) methodology and its application. We will also look at how to leverage data to manage compensation effectively. And we will provide you with practical tools and techniques on how to use MS Excel to manage day to day HR data analysis and reports efficiently.

Building the Fundamentals of Compensation

Date: 23-24 Sep 2021

Fee: S$ 650 / person

Workshop agenda:

  • Total rewards framework and pay philosophy
  • Key principles for organizing and structuring compensation elements
  • Overview of 3P compensation concept - pay for position, person & performance
  • Understanding of basic compensation terminologies and how to use survey data
  • Compensation analysis and review
  • Focus on pay for position – overview on job evaluation, grade design and pay structure design
  • Implementation guidelines

Mercer's International Position Evaluation (IPE) Methodology

Date: 14-15 Oct 2021

Fee: S$ 700 / person

Workshop agenda:

  • Understand the differences between a role and a job
  • Learn the steps to role analysis
  • Fundamentals of job evaluation & principles of conducting evaluation interviews
  • Science of structure & Mercer's point of view on future of job evaluation
  • Application of organization sizing & impact on job evaluation outcomes
  • Detailed understanding of Mercer IPE methodology
  • Practice exercise of conducting evaluation across all 5 factors &13 dimensions of IPE
  • Overview on applications of job evaluation across HR & organizational processes



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Programme 2: Intermediate Level Certification

In today’s competitive and volatile business environment, the Human Resource function is called upon to make competitive salary decisions. Compensation strategy is more than paying your employees. In this series, participants will learn how to design and implement a scalable compensation programme that is suitable for the organization’s specific needs. Whether developing a compensation framework, designing salary grades and structure, identifying the ideal mix of rewards, and selecting the right performance measures, our intermediate workshops are designed to help you gain the knowledge you need to design and implement a rewards programme that is tailor-made for your organization.



Pay for Performance: Designing Salary Increment Matrix

Date: 7-8 Oct 2021

Fee: S$650 / person

Workshop agenda:

How do we update our compensation plan? Do you look internally or externally? Understand the objectives and rationale for conducting analysis and updates of compensation plans. And learn insights into the tools and data requirements. Understand Mercer’s approach and process for measuring external competitiveness, internal equity and the relationships between performance and compensation. We will look at the implications of the measurement findings for making changes in the compensation strategy, policies, programmes and actions.

Pay for Position: Designing Grade and Salary Structure

Date: 16-17 Sep 2021

Fee: S$ 650 / person

Workshop agenda:

Hands-on practical skills needed to perform actual salary structure design by looking at the market data, internal progression requirements as well as grades. This workshop is designed to supplement theoretical and technical knowledge of grade levelling, salary structure design and addressing challenges in implementing pay ranges across levels for attracting and retaining the modern workforce.



Working with Real World HR Data

Date: New dates to be advised

Fee: S$ 700 / person

Workshop agenda:

Learn about various tools and software that can help you facilitate data analysis. Experience working with real life data and learn how to transform data into usable format before conducting any analysis. Understand the different forms of textual data in Human Resources and basics sentiment analysis.



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Programme 3: Advanced Level Certification

Mercer defines Total Rewards as a holistic value proposition that an organization provides to its employees. Employee remuneration is now being discussed in terms not only of pay and allowances but also of non-cash benefits, career development and work-life balance. In this series, we will cover the latest workforce trends for rewarding employees and how you can be prepared to design a holistic approach to Total Rewards. You will learn how to design a rewards plan through a multi-perspective and data-driven approach.



Advanced Total Rewards Strategy

Date: 28-29 Oct 2021

Fee: S$ 700 / person

Workshop agenda:

Framework and Guiding Principles for Total Rewards Strategy

  • Understanding the need of designing a Total Rewards structure in view of workforce of the future
  • Connecting Total Rewards strategy with organizational strategy
  • Learn to develop an effective Total Rewards strategy for the diverse and segmented employee workforce
  • Reviewing different components of Total Reward

Design of Total Rewards Vehicles, Implementation and Communication

  • Vehicles of Total Rewards structure
  • Mercer’s approach for Total Rewards program implementation 
  • Effective communication of Total Rewards programs
  • Practical case studies and exercises across implementing Total Rewards components that fits in your culture

Advanced Job Evaluation

Date: 25-26 Nov 2021

Fee: S$ 700 / person

Workshop agenda:

Job evaluation drives a broader organization objectives from talent development, organization design, compensation framework design, performance management framework. This workshop aims at providing perspectives on various applications of job evaluation using Mercer’s IPE, including how to calibrate jobs, create job matrix, market benchmarking, design internal grade levels, title frameworks, link to reward program design, etc.


The focus shall be to equip you to apply the IPE methodology as a foundation for the HR interventions in your organization and help you through case studies and group discussions.


Note: This is an advanced level and a basic understanding of job evaluation and Mercer’s Position International Evaluation system (IPE factors & dimensions) is required.



Predictive Modelling

Date: 16-17 Nov 2021 (2pm - 5pm)

Fee: S$ 950 / person

Workshop agenda:

Get introduced to predictive modelling and appreciate its value in today’s HR. Understand the principles of predictive modelling and how you can get started. Learn the different types of modelling techniques and their applications, how to evaluate a predictive model and understand the use of models in predicting the future.



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New Benefits Workshop



Getting Started with Employee Benefits

Date: 26 Oct 2021

Fee: S$ 520 / person

Workshop agenda:

Kickstart your journey to designing an effective and holistic benefits for your organisation. Learn about employee benefits and how it plays a role in the total rewards strategy. We will walk you through a road map to show how a holistic benefits program can help improve the overall employee experience and in turn, support business strategies and drive value.




All details are correct at the time of publishing. Mercer reserves the right to change or cancel any part of its published workshop due to unforeseen circumstances.



HR Academy - Open Learning

We are bringing back Mercer Learning Online modules for a limited period.
Purchase a limited license by September 30, 2021, and begin your learning journey with Mercer Learning's HR Academy modules.

Performance & Rewards

Fee: S$ 160 / person

This programme consists of 6 modules.

  • Performance & rewards fundamentals
  • Optimizing benefits
  • Sales incentive design
  • Executive remuneration fundamentals
  • Global mobility fundamentals
  • Producing quality position descriptions
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Analytics & Change

Fee: S$ 120 / person

This programme consists of 3 modules.

  • How to lead in change management
  • Driving business results with workforce insights
  • Leveraging technology



Talent Management

Fee: S$ 120 / person

This programme consists of 4 modules.

  • Talent management
  • Career management
  • Organisational design
  • Training design and evaluation
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Business Partnering

Fee: S$ 120 / person

This programme consists of 3 modules.

  • Effective business partnering
  • Driving employee engagement & productivity
  • Designing effective HR policies



Talent Acquisition

Fee: S$ 120 / person

This programme consists of 3 modules.

  • Recruitment and employee value proposition
  • Engaging hiring and onboarding strategies 
  • Utilizing assessment tools effectively
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IPE e-Learning

Fee: S$ 80 / person

  • Foundational module on the five factors of Mercer's International Position Evaluation (IPE) methodology



HR Academy Bundle

Fee: S$ 370 / person

This bundle offer includes access to all 5 standard programmes.

  • Performance & Rewards (6 modules)
  • Analytics & Change (3 modules)
  • Talent Management (4 modules)
  • Business Partnering (3 modules)
  • Talent Acquisition (3 modules)
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