Learning - It's About The Journey

    HR professionals' capacities take time to grow; which is why our training methodology is modular, and yet career-level specific. Those new to their learning journey can gain all the up-skilling they need now, but learners can see a clear development pathway for what their future knowledge needs will be as they progress their own careers too.

    With our methodology, HR leaders can see who in their teams require the different levels of learning available. We give HRDs and L&D leaders the platform they need to shape the needs of their teams in line with individual careers. And we support leaders with access to Mercer’s broader knowledge and networking opportunities to build further effectiveness outside of the classroom.

    Many obstacles get in the way of HR success: reorganizations, M&A, talent shortages, budget pressures, employee demands, and disruptive new technologies. But at Mercer, we don't just want you to react to these issues – we want your HR team to become an essential business function leading the way in delivering bottom-line results.


More Than One Way To Learn

As HR moves away from the support role to become a business enabler, Mercer's learning options will make it easier for HR leaders and professionals to stay relevant on topics like remuneration, global mobility, performance, rewards, and optimizing benefits.

Learn anywhere, on any device, at your own pace and time, while interacting with a community of HR leaders.

  • Online Learning - E-learning courses across core HR disciplines: Performance & Rewards, Analytics & Change, Talent Management, Business Partnering, and Talent Acquisition
  • Mobile Micro-Learning - Self-paced digital courses, delivered in bite-sized sessions for you to get certified anytime, anywhere here  
  • Public Workshops - Held at Mercer offices, our acclaimed, certified courses are designed to deepen HR's knowledge through face-to-face workshops. 
  • In-House Workshops - Want us to bring the learning to your own organisation? Looking to develop content specifically to suit you? Not a problem - fill the form below to discuss your needs.







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