A better employee experience is good for everyone


The workplace has changed. Your employee experience should evolve as well.


Today’s HR faces challenges in productivity and lower employee engagement.


However, these challenges can also be an opportunity for your organization to come out stronger & more unified.


Minimize M&A insecurity


Preserve employee engagement levels during a merger or acquisition by providing the right message at the right time.


Optimize benefits renewals


Encourage appropriate benefits utilization through targeted messaging to various employee groups.


Tackle transformation


Transformation has many moving parts. Effective communication helps those parts move together, smoothly.


Keep costs contained


Help employees understand they have a stake in the company’s future.

How we’ve helped our clients


Strategic, innovative and high-impact communications to help hit the mark with employees. 


Interactive digital guidebooks


Provide a one-stop resource that employees can refer to at the time of need.


Explainer videos


Bring benefit plan changes to life and help employees understand information quickly.




Take a deeper dive into any topic in a simple, yet visually compelling and engaging way.

Why invest in communication


of employees said they were satisfied with their organization’s integration plan when the strategy was communicated clearly.


Mercer Global Talent Trends, 2020


of target employees signed up on our client’s digital health platform after seeing promotional communication materials.


Mercer internal data, 2020

We know what works



Backed by decades of industry experience and the latest Mercer data, our dedicated Communications team can turn your employee engagement challenges into opportunities to connect.

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