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The way we live and work is rapidly changing. Technology and its advancements impact the way we work, interact with each other, and how we go about day-to-day life. We have adapted, and organizations must do the same.


We make it easy for organizations to create a resilient and thriving workforce, with real solutions to make life good for people and businesses, now and into the future. Thriving workforce and organizations do not happen by change - they are created through intentional decision-making. Stand out from the crowd by putting people at the heart of your business with Mercer.



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Our quirks, aspirations, and motivations shape how we like to work, and should take center stage as companies build their workforce for the future.
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Ilya Bonic
Global President,
Mercer Career

Ondemand Webcasts / Past events

TRS 2022 | Connecting data to people

The Results are in. Join the webinar(s) and get insights form the latest Denmark survey.

Date 11 October 2022
Language English

Mobility Roundtable

Get insights from leading mobility practitioners on the implications of the shifting mobility needs. Join our Mobility Roundtable!

Date 8 November 2022
Language English

Top people risks for employers webinar

People risks are the business risks related to your workforce. Explore the top people risks from our recent survey of Human Resources (HR) professionals and Risk Managers (RMs).

Date 28 July 2022
Language English

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