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Multi-Manager Strategies


Multi-Manager Strategies

Enhancing your efficiency and competitiveness with your clients is critically important. You require a range of fund options across asset classes and risk profiles. Even branding alternative funds under your own name can help you differentiate your offerings and provide more value to your clients.

Why Choose Multi-Manager Strategies?

As a wealth manager, you face increasing pressure to comply with regulatory and operational demands while still providing a broad range of high-quality investment products for your clients. Our multi-manager portfolios and our partnership with you may be the answer. We can help you:

  • Reduce expenses while expanding your investment offerings.

  • Access high-quality investment and operational due diligence expertise at low cost.

  • Design cost-conscious, white-labeled product solutions, providing your clients with a broad product range under your own brand.

  • Scale your offerings to achieve more profitable margins.

$241 billion

Of assets under management in multi-manager solutions1

Your Firm Brands the Offering

A multi-manager fund will allow your investment advisor to select highly rated managed funds for each portion of an allocation. In fact, you can replace sub-scale funds with alternative funds branded as your own product.

45+ years

In the investments business 



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          1  As of December 31, 2015


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