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DO IT YOURSELF Do it yourself

• Client situation: Large private US bank wanted to expand its research library to better service clients and financial advisors and stay ahead of the complex investment environment.

• Mercer solution: We provided access to Mercer’s Global Investment Manager Database (GIMD) containing all of Mercer’s manager research – investment and operational, and ability to access ESG and asset allocation expertise.


• Results: Individual investors were able to access stronger investment portfolios while our client was able to reduce its operating costs versus further building out its investment teams.


• Client situation: An RIA needed help developing goals-based portfolios that reflected its unique client base.

• Mercer solution: Our consulting team worked with the RIA to develop customized model portfolios that incorporated Mercer’s best thinking with its own client’s needs across a range of goals, risk tolerances, and tax-status.


• Results: RIA enhanced its investment management capabilities and was able to provide innovative investment strategies for its client


• Client situation: A multi-family office wanted to incorporate alternative strategies into its clients’ investment programs but didn’t have the resources to build and manage a diversified strategy.

• Mercer solution: The team leveraged Mercer’s portfolio management and back-office teams to deliver an institutional-quality alternatives offering at competitive fees with a single set of documents to execute.


• Results: Multi-family office was able to reduce its operating costs and scale its investment offering.

Do it for me Do it for me

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Investment Manager Research

We have 135+ research-dedicated professionals around the world that go beyond just performance numbers with forward-looking, qualitative assessments that highlight the risks and opportunities of each strategy and the team behind the strategy.

Asset Allocation Model Portfolios

Asset Allocation Model Portfolios

The most important decision for an investor is asset allocation. Our team of capital markets experts and wealth management experts can provide our standard reference portfolios or work with you to build a customized suite of portfolios across the risk spectrum that reflect the unique circumstances of your client base.

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Multi-Manager Strategies

Whether you are seeking to fill a specific asset class or an entire portfolio, you can leverage our research and scale through multi-manager strategies.

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From Remote Delivery of Research to Hands-On Delegated

As a wealth management firm or financial fiduciary today, you need to provide a differentiated offering to your clients. We have the flexibility to develop strategies for you — from remote delivery of research to hands-on, delegated decision making. When you leverage Mercer’s proven and industry-leading investment research and/or investment management capabilities, you free up more time to focus on what’s far more important: the changes you want to bring about in your client’s lives.


Research dedicated professionals around the world.2

$11.7 Trillion

In assets under advisement (AUA).3

$241 Billion

Global designated assets under management (AUM).4


Years in investments business.


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1  These case studies are illustrations of Mercer's capabilities provided to certain clients.  Client results will vary and there can be no guarantee of similar results.

2 Information as of June 2018

Information as of December 31, 2017

4  Information as of March 31, 2018

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