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Need to secure your foundation, achieve greater prosperity and inspired confidence - in your business and with your employees? As the retirement landscape continues to evolve, defined contribution plans are increasingly becoming a major source of retirement for many people. And that means employers are challenged to continually improve plans, deliver better outcomes, and encourage greater participation.


Support Your Mission by Investing for the Long Term


A well-managed investment portfolio should support your mission for years to come. However, the reliance on this pool of capital can make your institution vulnerable to adverse events. 


By working closely with your organization, we can help you gain a more strategic perspective on governance processes and implementation considerations — ensuring the checks and balances necessary to support successful investment execution. Our solutions feature:


  • A team that partners with you. Our dedicated endowment and foundation practice team has extensive experience working with many types of not-for-profit organizations. We understand industry best practices and tailor investment solutions so that they are designed to meet your unique operating circumstances, tolerance for risk, and spending needs.
  • A focus on effective, efficient decision-making. Our portfolio construction, monitoring, reporting, and communication philosophies are all focused on helping you make effective decisions, efficiently. That’s because everything we do is designed to help you meet your investment goals and support your mission.
  • A full suite of services. From investment research to advice to delegated solutions, we offer a full suite of services specially tailored for endowments and foundations. Discover all we have to offer to help drive your long-term investment results.




Build Your Plan on a Strong Foundation of Governance

The governance of DC plans is complex and regulatory requirements have made plan oversight challenging. Employing best practices for holistic plan management can help. Well-run programs encompass ongoing monitoring that covers a broad spectrum of services, from advisory to fully delegated solutions and may include:


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          1  DOL Employee Benefits Security Administration Agency Enforcement Results. The Employee Benefits Security Administration is responsible for enforcing ERISA and ensuring the integrity of the private employee benefit plan system.


          2  World Economic Forum.


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