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An increasing number of Japanese companies are looking to establish regional headquarters and shared services operations in Singapore and Southeast Asia. To partner with these companies in their transformation journey, we’ve brought together a dedicated team of experts for Japanese business, based here in Singapore and Asia.

Optimise Talent Management For
Japanese Companies


"Who do you think owns a career - the employee or the company?"


If you ask this question of people in Singapore or any country in Southeast Asia, most of them would respond that the employee owns it. However, people in Japan might have a different answer. Seniority-based compensation and lifetime employment have traditionally been the foundation of these two countries' HR systems. Accordingly, there's a strong sense that the company will take care of its employees and that if a worker follows company guidelines and policies, and stays focused, career advancement will follow.


Because of this major philosophical difference, which has both direct and indirect impacts on every element of the HR system, many Japanese companies coming to Singapore and Southeast Asia to setup local entities have difficulty with establishing a good HR system for their local staff.



Helping Japanese companies thrive in Singapore and Southeast Asia

So what should Japanese business leaders and HR understand to better attract and retain local talent?


Mercer can support Japanese multinational companies that have or are planning to expand their operations outside their home country. Our dedicated consulting team understands the unique style of Japanese companies and has the expertise to advise them on how to develop talent strategies and HR programs to successfully attract and develop local talent in a sustainable manner.






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