press release on 18 Jan, 2020

2019 MMB Singapore Health & Benefits Study

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introduction / methodology

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podcast 15 Jan, 2020

More companies in Singapore enhancing health insurance benefits to stay competitive in the current talent market

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As the workforce evolves so do the preferences and expectations of employees. In today’s talent-demand economy, you need to go beyond a traditional benefits package to catch the attention of talented job seekers and retain your current employees. We recognise the importance of your benefits programme that balance staying competitive and aligning with company philosophy.

Our 2019 study includes data from

  • 400+ employers
  • 147,000+ employees
  • 1,142 medical plans
  • 806 risk plans
  • 11 industries represented: Industrial, Professional and Other Services, Finance, Technology, Consumer Services, Healthcare, Materials, Transportation, Consumer Goods, Oil and Gas, and Telecommunication

With rising medical costs, updated information on what’s covered and what’s not, insured versus self-funded benefits, trends in critical illness coverage and others considered important to offer differentiated employee engagement as well as to help you and your employees make informed health care planning decisions.

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