Typical uncovered costs associated with treatments without IPMI. Don’t get caught off guard.


Cancer treatment


Maternity costs


Knee replacement



We can’t buy peace of mind. But we can invest in comprehensive IPMI. Enhanced coverage helps your employees avoid costly uncovered medical events.

Don’t leave health to chance

  • Complete coverage from cancer treatment to surgery.
  • Supplement local health insurance with added protection.
  • 24/7, worldwide coverage
  • Access to over 10,000 network hospitals and clinics.
  • Recoup emergency evacuation costs.
  • Continuous coverage during unemployment and travel.
  • Simple claims processes.
Receive a 10% discount
until September 30, 2020





Did you know?

Gaps are expected, even in the best, most employee-centric corporate medical plans.

How do your corporate employee benefits stack up against your sector peers? Get a copy of our MMB SG Health & Benefits Study to find out.  Or speak with us.

Local corporate medical plans generally cover employees per disability, inclusive of sub-limits (up to a maximum sum payable). See the possible gaps within hospitalization and surgery in the table below.

Typical corporate plans cover*
Overall limit of $18,000 at public hospitals.
Daily cover of $310 for room & board.
ICU treatment cost of $10,000 per disability.
$20,000 cancer care, per policy per annum.
IPMI Covers
Overall limit of $2M at any private hospital world wide, excluding USA.
Daily single room & board, paid in full.
All ICU costs, up to the overall plan limit.
Cancer care is paid in full, up to the overall plan limit.
IPMI allows claims of up to $2m annually and covers all inpatient treatments, including cancer care and kidney dialysis outpatient treatment.

Curious how your plans compare with other international medical benefits provided in Singapore? Check out the research data covering 56 employers for nearly 5000 employees.

* Median hospitalisation & surgery plans offered by employers across sectors in Singapore, source Singapore Health & Benefits Study 2019.

Rest assured. With the right IPMI you’re in safe hands, no matter what life throws at you.

Coverage & protection for life’s unexpected events

Sometimes life is unpredictable. These three case studies show some ways IPMI has helped families in challenging times.

icon - Cancer treatment

Cancer treatment

Top-up cover helps cancer survivors return to normal life without enduring the pain of financial burdens.

icon - Maternity costs

Maternity costs

Get the best possible care. IPMI covers pre-natal scans, expert consultants, emergency c-sections and more.

icon - Knee replacement

Knee replacement

Even with existing hospital and surgical insurance, this kind of surgery can easily incur $4,000 in out-of-pocket expenses.

Ready to help your employees?

In these volatile times, communicating to employees on why they should consider upgrading their medical insurance shows that you go the extra mile to care for them. See steps that you can take to help your employees, and communication templates ready for your use.

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Is your insurance policy covering you sufficiently

International private medical insurance coverage is more essential than ever for those who are living overseas during the pandemic.

3 reasons to avoid the risk PDF thumbnail image

3 reasons to avoid the risk

These three case studies explain what could go wrong without comprehensive cover.

IPMI explained

Everyone: from active individuals to local and expat families can benefit from IPMI. This video explains how.

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