Special Care Package Consultation

Finding opportunities for creating brighter futures is essential right now. Sign up for a free 1-hour consultation on:

  • Digital medical benefits to support employees working remotely
  • Pay for performance
  • Employee listening
  • Communicating difficult news (eg salary reductions, and restructuring)
  • Integrated health & wellbeing programme
  • Get people matters right in M&A

Upskill with Mercer Learning

Let us help you succeed with basic, intermediate, and advanced compensation & benefits courses designed by our HR experts. Use this time to improve your skills with a Mercer certification program, and certify as a total rewards specialist.



Care Package Resources

Here’s our care package to help you stay resilient, realign your business, and reinvent what needs to be changed. Below are some tools and ideas to help you as you are work toward seeking financial stability, lead through uncertainty, and get your team ready for the rebound.

Pack 1: Find financial stability

Balance your organisation’s financial health while enabling your workforce and servicing your customers. Use these assets and links to understand the current state of the nation, offer better support and ensure people are being reimbursed appropriately.

Pack 2: Lead through uncertainty

Foster a supportive and adaptive culture, and let your people know that they come first. Use these resources to build trust and loyalty with your employees by listening and communicating with clarity, ensuring their physical and mental health are a top priority, and providing job security for everyone.

Pack 3: Be ready for the rebound

This won’t last forever. Now’s the time to upskill to be faster, leaner, and ready for the rebound when economies reopen. Join conversations, access free learning passes, and gain insight to create new and brighter futures. With these assets, data and forums, you can adopt new practices and be future-fit.

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