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It’s easy to support the health and wellbeing of quality employees that will help your business grow. Let Mercer’s insights help with proven data to give your company the edge, or talk to our consultants to devise a strategic and effective benefits program that enables you to remain competitive, and ensure that your employees’ needs are met.


The Singapore healthcare system has to be transformed. And we believe that employers must be at the centre of the transformation - with the influence to truly improve the cost, quality and experience of healthcare.


Health People = Healthy Business


We make it easy for organisations to support a healthy team and in turn, grow a healthy business.

As the #1 benefits broker in Singapore and an award-winning health consultancy, we have a deep understanding of the employee's journey using technology - to deliver digital and personalised experiences on-demand, boost employee engagement and wellbeing, build sustainable, high-value and predictable programmes - that ultimately create a stronger, healthier business.

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The key for these three aims – technology, health care quality and costs is to keep them balanced while still increasing the employee value proposition for an organisation.
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Neil Narale

Singapore Health Leader

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2022 Benefits Trends in APAC


As the pandemic continues to drive change, how should you advance your benefits strategy to keep pace?

Date July 14,2022
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2022 APAC Rewards Trends & Insights


Join our annual 2022 Compensation Trends - APAC webinar, where our experts will draw insights from Mercer’s flagship Total Remuneration Survey and other Mercer reports to share with you the latest trends.

Date July 27,2022
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Public Sector Forum 2022


Accelerating Health, Wealth & Careers in Singapore

Date May 19,2022
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