Mercer research shows that employees in Asia have high levels of financial insecurity, intensified by pandemic-related anxiety.

Your employees are negatively impacted by a combination of challenges:

  • Inadequate savings;
  • Inadequate corporate pension benefits and social support;
  • Low levels of financial literacy and confidence;
  • Needing to fund extra years as we live longer; and,
  • Shrinking family units.

Employees place a great deal of trust in finding solutions from their employers. This means that employers have increasing responsibilities to ensure the financial security of their employees.


Now is the time for organisations across Asia to take action.


Typical questions you may need help to address include:


Setting the right foundations:

  • What is our financial wellness strategy?
  • How do we ensure our financial wellness strategy is integrated with overall wellness and benefits philosophy?
  • How do we develop a corporate financial wellness brand?
  • How do we communicate it effectively?

Addressing employee needs:

  • How financially stressed and concerned are our employees?
  • What are financial issues that different demographics of employees face?
  • How can we evaluate the impact of our financial wellness initiatives?
  • What initiatives should we introduce and for which group of employees?
  • How can we support our foreign employees in Singapore and other countries who are not able to join the local pension plan?


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