Substantial and profound changes are rapidly reshaping the world as we know it, with significant implications for investors. This vibrant re-imaging can be encapsulated in a single word: Metamorphosis. Investors cannot just think about the here and now; they must consider the issues most likely to drive future financial, social and political developments in a way that helps allow them to make the decisions needed to meet their objectives. Through consideration of these key trends and challenges, we believe investors stand the best chance of long-term success. Our latest paper looks at a number of different themes we believe investors should consider in their decision-making in 2022 and beyond.


Three Key Investment Themes in 2022

From monetary policy tightening and regulators showing their teeth to the global energy transition and post-Covid healthcare disruption, the world economy is undergoing a generational change. In our Metamorphosis 2022 report, we take an in-depth look at some of the biggest market and investment themes for next year.



Snap shot of key themes for 2022


Changing of the guard: understanding the effects of the changing fortunes of economic players and ways of thinking that have held sway for a long time, including the evolving responsibilities of monetary policies; the prospect of an 'Asian century'; the dramatic re-morphing of how finance is provided


Position for transition: how investors should plan for the changes required to put us on a more sustainable path; the role of impact investing; the management of resources to facilitate the green transition; and the power that can be exercised through engagement


Modern diversification: how portfolios should be reinvented to help hit target returns whilst maintaining protection; the use of dynamic allocation between strategies and themes; and how to gain access to emergent innovators

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