2018 Themes and Opportunities

How do institutional investors keep pace with dynamic global developments? Mercer’s investment themes and opportunities highlight the forces that we believe will shape economic and market dynamics over the years ahead – some themes are focused on the next 1-3 years, while others would be expected to play out over the course of a decade or more. 

The investment themes that institutional investors should be considering in 2018 include:

  • The impact of a move from quantitative easing to quantitative tightening
  • Preparing for late cycle dynamics
  • Political fragmentation
  • Stewardship in the 21st century

Taking Action

The ideas outlined represent our observations on the challenges, opportunities and drivers of change present in the current investment environment. We provide these ideas with the aim of provoking discussion, but the appropriate response at an investor-level will be heavily influenced by the specific beliefs, objectives, and constraints of each investor. We look forward to helping investors adapt their strategies as new risks and opportunities arise over the course of 2018.