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The Ageing and Automation Resilience Index 2019

Governments and organisations of all sizes are grappling with unprecedented rates of disruption as Industry 4.0 unfolds. New technologies and capabilities have spawned new industries, markets, and economies, laying waste to traditional ones. Low-skilled, routine jobs are increasingly at risk of automation – jobs that older workers aged 50 and over are often employed in.

At a time when populations around the world are ageing and working-age populations are shrinking, how prepared are countries around the world for the threats of societal ageing and workplace automation?

In a new study of 20 major global economies, Mercer and Marsh & McLennan Insights reveals just that.

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The Ageing and Automation Resilience Index

Compiled by Mercer and Marsh & McLennan Insights, the report analyses mitigating factors a country has in place to combat ageing and job automation among older workers, measuring older worker labor force participation, level of pension fund assets, socio-economic conditions, and policy and legal conditions, as well as the strength of the local retirement system.

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