Workforces of Today in the Cities of Tomorrow

A lack of highly skilled workers means that cities and companies must compete with increasing ferocity for the talented workers who will lead their businesses into the future. These highly desired employees are setting new trends in urbanization as they prioritize a confluence of human and societal factors when deciding where to work, live and raise their families. A new landmark Mercer study, People First: Driving Growth in Emerging Megacities, explores why “satisfaction with life” ranks as the most important factor to workers in 15 emerging megacities—and analyzes how safety, security and other key professional and hyper-local considerations factor into landing top talent.

The survey focuses on 7,200 workers and 577 employers across seven countries: Brazil, China, India, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco and Nigeria. The Mercer report investigates the prevailing needs of today’s workers, and the motivations and concerns that inform their decisions regarding where to work, and why. The report also analyzes the ability of employers and megacities to fulfill the needs of workers and their families. In an increasingly urbanized world where highly skilled talent is scarce, employers and cities are asking important existential questions: What makes professionals move to and stay in a particular city? How can employers and cities retain talented workers with the high-level skills demanded by rising start-ups, upcoming unicorns and global brands in emerging hot spots? What, exactly, do productive employees want from an employer and home city?

Pearly Siffel
by Pearly Siffel

Strategy and Geographic Expansion Leader, International, Mercer

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