Empowering talent in emerging markets to thrive amidst disruption

In a recent Mercer research study, we explore what it takes for organizations to thrive. What are some of the key attributes of organizations that have built a foundation of passion and purpose? After surveying over 800 HR and business leaders, we drew insights around organizational cultures and people practices around the world to understand the underlying themes.

‘Growth,’ ‘Learning’ and creating a sense of ‘equity’ are all key drivers for creating a thriving workplace. And we believe that this thriving workplace is the foundation for building businesses which are not only resilient to disruption, but are businesses that can actually thrive today by embracing innovation.

In emerging markets such as Asia and Latin America, respondents were most vocal on the criticality of career and development transparency, “clarity around promotion criteria”, “career frames that define the experiences and skills you can gain”.

Organizational design was part of the message from Latin America – ‘build flatter structures”, “have less levels”, “move to agile work structures”. Additionally, employees also seek to work for an organization with a purpose that resonates with their own values but also one that creates a broader social impact.  

Kate Bravery
by Kate Bravery

Global Advisory Solutions & Insights Leader at Mercer

Puneet Swani
by Puneet Swani

International Career Business Leader

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