Opportunities for long-term institutional investors

Forward-looking returns for traditional asset classes today are less than the world expected a decade ago. But opportunities exist in private market asset classes, especially for institutional investors who are willing to stick out their long-term program despite short-term bumps in the road.

"One of the challenges in investing is to beat the market long term or to get good results long term, you need to be prepared to disagree with the market in short term, which means you’ll underperform" - Rich Nuzum, Wealth Leader, Growth Markets

Best practices for creating and implementing such a program successfully, including:

  • The most critical step in the investment decision making process
  • The most frequent source of disagreement among stakeholders in an investment program.
  • The biggest opportunities for long-term institutional investors today
Rich Nuzum
by Rich Nuzum

Wealth Leader - Growth Markets

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