Case Study: Creating a Top-to-Bottom Shift in Organizational Culture


Based in Peru with operations in seven more countries, Ferreycorp is a multinational corporation dedicated to the provision of capital goods and related services. With almost 100 years of history, 16 operating companies and more than 6,000 employees, it is an unrivaled leader in the distribution of heavy machinery for the mining industry. But after changing its operating model, it quickly realized that its culture and leaders had to change with it.

Ferreycorp wanted:

  • A company culture that matched its new operating model
  • Leaders who were aligned wi th the desired culture
  • A map of available talent to help leaders make the right people- related decisions


  1. Interview top leaders to identify the company culture that would align with the business strategy.
  2. Conduct a culture assessment on both executives and employees.
  3. Assess leaders on their current performance and future potential to increase their effectiveness.
  4. Create cultural identity pillars to sustain the new culture in the future.


Ferrycorp now has the culture it needs to get the most out of its new operating model.
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