Mercer Marsh Benefits Powered by Darwin

Change is a constant, but the pace of change is greater than ever, with greater impact on the way organizations run their global benefits programs. Many factors involved are outside a company’s direct control but nonetheless put increasing pressure on the investment in, design and execution of, and value provided by benefits within the wider value proposition.

For many multinationals, a global benefits strategy isn’t yet a reality and even for those where it is, benefits are typically being managed manually or on different local systems, making consistency and governance almost impossible.

Having a vision for a better approach to global benefits is one thing, delivering it in the right way is another.  We therefore work with clients and prospective clients alike to understand what they need in terms of thinking and execution from their global partner.

Mercer Marsh Benefits Powered by Darwin lets companies select the products and services they need at each phase of the process, from strategy to day-to-day servicing and support.

A robust core that provides end-to-end connectivity and automation of benefits processes, and a consumer-grade front end to engage and empower employees to use and value their benefits.