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M&A culture integration: cultural issues in mergers and acquisitions

Why culture matters in mergers and acquisitions


"Culture is your operating environment. It defines and allows you to effectively change business strategy and it can provide a platform to attract and engage the right talent."

Culture is at the center of organizational change

There is no perfect culture

Konrad Deiters, International M&A Leader


Business leaders who

Business leaders who Empower, Engage and Energize the workforce routinely leverage culture to deliver economic value and gain competitive advantage.


The following case studies illustrate how three companies have connected culture to employee lifestyles and behaviors. In each example, the company places a value on day-to-day life and balance: one by helping employers promote health and wellbeing; another by fostering collaboration and teamwork through gourmet meal programs; and a third by giving back to the local community.


A culture of health and

Promoting a healthy lifestyle

The upside of food
at work

Fostering teamwork and employee engagement

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