The world looks to the tech sector as a lens into the future. Touching almost every corner of the globe, tech behemoths have changed the way the world works and interacts. The ability to create customer demand and stay ahead of the competition – while at the same time manage globalization and increasing regulatory demands – has attracted some of the best and brightest talent to the industry. From office perks to workspace amenities, tech’s approach to attracting and retaining talent has been admired and emulated by other industries.

A diverse workforce delivers product innovation aligned to the needs of varied customers; positive brand image; and unique insights, knowledge and experiences. Significant research has been done over the past two decades linking higher female representation in the workplace with a variety of business performance measures, including better financial performance; higher return on sales, equity and invested capital; higher operating results; better stock growth; and more.

Technology companies have focused much attention on developing comprehensive diversity and inclusion programs. And while many look to tech for workplace innovation, there is still progress to be made in building a gender-diverse workforce.

As career level rises, female representation severely declines.  How does your talent pipeline compare?

So what’s keeping women from getting to the top and where should tech organizations focus in order to make sustainable improvements?

Our new Technology Perspective examines current representation and future workforce projections. The report outlines key actions that tech organizations should take in order to accelerate their gender diversity strategy and drive business performance by increasing the representation and advancement of women through a holistic focus on their careers, health, and financial wellbeing.

 “Organizations must consider the unique competencies of women – from their inherent understanding and sense to the agility with which they are able to respond to the ever-changing needs of customers. As we all pursue solutions that drive customer intimacy and innovation, it is vital that we better leverage our female colleagues – women excel here, they get it, it’s often how they are wired.”  - Gail Evans, Chief Information Officer, Mercer

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