The Hidden Truths of Panel Management

Healthcare - Young woman having eyes tested

Aside from missed savings, HR and benefits professionals may be wondering: Why should I care about panel management? 

Across Asia employers typically employ traditional tactics of managing healthcare costs, which while beneficial, are only short term solutions. As costs continue to rise the need for employers to shift their view is even more evident.

An area that is often misunderstood and overlooked by employers is to examine how to better partner and hold accountable healthcare providers, clinics and hospitals that sit at the very heart of the healthcare ecosystem.


What is a Panel?

In our new paper The Hidden Truths of Panel Management, our benefits experts share the importance of employer empowerment when it comes to managing healthcare costs; demonstrated via three hidden truths about panel management. These truths elaborate on how employers can leverage and manage their panel networks to provide access to quality care, manage medical costs through cost effective arrangements, and get higher visibility into provider behaviors through better governance and reporting. 

Celine Ng Tong
by Celine Ng Tong

EuroPac Consulting Leader, Mercer Marsh Benefits

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