2019 Singapore Health and Benefits International Medical Study

Companies that opt for international medical plans are able to better address the needs of their increasingly regional and mobile workforce, according to the 2019 Singapore Health and Benefits International Medical Study


Of the companies surveyed in the 2019 Singapore Health and Benefits International Medical Study, 94% bear the full premium costs for employee coverage on a compulsory basis with international medical plans. More than 97% of these plans provide dependent coverage with benefit limits equal to that of the employee plans, while all companies (100%) provide inpatient benefits and 98% of companies provide outpatient benefits.

International medical plans can also provide both essential and comprehensive coverage to people residing and working outside their home countries. Plan benefits are usually designed to provide extra coverage with minimum out-of-pocket exposure. These include:

Full coverage for high-cost cancer and kidney treatments;
Coverage for pre-existing medical conditions once a minimum headcount is met
Immediate global portability from one country to the next
Customisable plans tailored to employees’ specific needs
Cashless inpatient treatment and online support

Case Study Findings

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International healthcare plans enable employers to better manage and address the needs of their workforce
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Neil Narale
Partner and Singapore Health Leader Mercer Marsh Benefits

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