Employers who show they care have an advantage

Our latest study of over 14,000 employees across the globe, looked at how employers can impact positively on the health of their people. Do you know which benefits matter most to your employees now?   Do you know how to best support them in this challenging environment?

Greater demand for benefits that meet real employee needs is driving a shift towards digital well-being and self-care.

The benefits employees want now

Five key trends were identified as being the most important to delivering the benefits employees now want:



Support moments that matter.

Employers in Singapore fell behind in supporting employees during the pandemic. 


Invest in mental health before it is too late.

Employees in Singapore are less comfortable in discussing mental health challenges. 


Provide varied benefits that truly matter.

Beyond offering a wide range of well-being resources, Singapore employers need to ensure these benefits bring value to workers.


A gender-equal workplace is more than just hiring more women and having female leaders.

Singapore employers should move beyond standard benefits to offer targeted benefits that help those who need it most.


Employers have the responsibility to enable digital access to healthcare for employees.

There is more trust in Singapore employers to deliver high-quality health solutions than before. 

Download our report, Health on Demand: Delivering the benefits employees want now, to find out more about the five key trends identified, including how you can use these insights to create a benefits program to boost employee well-being, loyalty and engagement.

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