of employers believe an investment in digital health and well-being solutions will have a positive impact on staff energy levels


of senior decision makers are likely to invest more in digital health in next 5 years


of employees are less likely to leave the company if the employer offers digital health solutions

New shape of work requires a new shape of healthcare

New approaches of working have raised different demands, and require new ways of employee support. Employers offering telehealth services have increased by 400%, and employees tapping into Employee Assistance Programs have doubled.

Employers set themselves apart by providing physical, financial, emotional and social wellness programs that are meaningful to their employees.

New shape of healthcare

Executive Summary

As health care costs rise, employers are looking to help employees achieve better health outcomes for less. Digital health technologies, like artificial intelligence and telemedicine, provide an unprecedented ability to achieve a competitive advantage. Investing in personalized, technology-based healthcare solutions and fostering a culture of well-being will help set employers apart and enable them to build a more engaged, productive and loyal workforce. Recognize different segments in your workforce to offer more cost-effective, relevant and personalized solutions to engage your colleagues.


High demand for pro-health culture

Employees are seeking digital health programs that are patient-centric, affordable and customized. Now is the time offer personalized health benefits that fully cater to employee needs.


of employees in Singapore


of employers in Singapore

want the company they work for to foster a more "pro-health" environment.


Digital health as a necessity with measurable ROI

Implementing the right digital health tools can increase employee engagement, productivity and talent retention. Use data analytics to calibrate the design of programs, channel investments and measure ROI.


of senior decision makers believe that digital health solutions will aid staff retention


of senior decision makers are likely to invest more in digital health in next 5 years

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The business case for digital healthcare has never been clearer and, in fact, is becoming a necessity as people are unable or reticent to seek physical medical help.
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Neil Narale
Singapore Health Leader at Mercer Marsh Benefits

A remote-first, multi-generational workforce has different needs. How do you use digital health care solutions to keep employees energized, happy and productive?

Take action and improve your employee experience. Here’s a checklist to get you started.

Due diligence

...where do I stand in the health tech continuum?


what technology investments can help shape an optimal employee experience?

Provider RFP and selection

who are the best players in the market and how do we select them?

Targeted branding & communications

how do we brand our employee-first programs to demonstrate a pro-health culture?

Integrated delivery

how do we deliver a seamless on-demand employee experience?


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