Flight risk in M&A executive summary

This research report introduces effective strategies for employee retention, leveraging new data to significantly improve your chances of a successful transition.

Successful buyers have elevated their retention strategies from an art to a repeatable science. The results are tangible and clear — increased productivity, engagement, owner-like behaviors and accountability.

Mercer’s M&A Retention Playbook™

The report introduces a best-in-class retention framework, Mercer’s M&A Retention Playbook™, for structuring financial incentives that are time-sensitive, market-competitive and aligned with business objectives.


Adoption of this framework will arm you with a comprehensive, repeatable process that will drive operational certainty with engaged and focused talent post-close.

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Mercer’s People Risks in M&A Transactions

Offering robust data and analysis as well as unique insights and guidance, Mercer’s first annual research report on people risks in M&A transactions provides an in-depth view of the human capital issues buyers and sellers are facing in the marketplace. In addition, this report identifies practical solutions and strategies organizations are deploying to effectively hedge these risks and drive deal value.

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Mercer’s People Risks in M&A T


Did you know that 71% of all deals globally had a retention bonus?

"The common denominator consistently driving economic value is having the right people on board to execute after closing. At no time globally have we seen it be so critical for both buyers and sellers, who want to drive shareholder value, to lock down talent at the top, including those ‘Rising Middle Stars’ critical for execution."

— Konrad Deiters, International M&A Leader


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