At Mercer, we believe passionately in listening to employees and that by responding to the voice of the employee, organizations can make directed change to improve the employee experience and other crucial business outcomes.


This has never been more important than during the past few years, when all of us around the globe were faced with uncertainty, anxiety and a constantly changing environment.


Many of our clients have asked us what impact COVID-19 has had on the employee experience, and, in this report, we highlight our key observations from the Singapore market. We explore the levels of engagement in Singapore and probe into other important factors that make up the employee experience.


We trust that you’ll find the insights in this report useful for highlighting the key themes here in Singapore and as a point of comparison for your own survey scores. We hope to provide you with food for thought on what you need to focus on to drive a positive employee experience in your organization.


The Mercer Singapore team would be glad to discuss these findings with you or explore how we can support you in your employee listening journey.


Download the employee engagement and experience in Singapore 2022