Singapore Employee Engagement Index


Insights to enhance workforce productivity

Most business leaders implicitly understand that employee engagement is an important driver of performance and productivity. They know that without it organizations fail to reach their full potential. Those that get the formula for engagement right find more people come to work with the energy they need - captivated by the organizations vision, the committed to its goals and contributing to its success.

For Singapore, improving the engagement of employees continues to represent a significant opportunity – not just for businesses but also the economy as a whole. This is widely acknowledged. As the then Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam had noted in his 2014 budget speech, Raising productivity is at the center of our economic agenda.

Within this paper you will find evidence for three key messages:

  • First, Singapore continues to struggle with engagement, showing a consistent decline over the last three years
  • Second, the priority for addressing the decline is to innovate more effectively and develop more compelling career pathways
  • Last, while there are many challenges, Singaporean tell us that they see a meritocracy at work, feel involved in decisions that impact them and see leaders with clear strategic intent. 

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