Introducing Singapore Employee Engagement Index 2018

Employees in Singapore less engaged than those based elsewhere in Asia Pacific

Singapore is a country at the forefront of digital transformation. Yet something still seems to be missing. Productivity continues to be a key area of concern for many businesses and innovation output lags behind other leading economies. For Singapore to realize the true potential, it must have employees who are truly engaged in the transformation journey.

In 2018, we have refreshed and simplified our perspective on employee engagement in Singapore based on the responses of more than 45,000 employees over the last five years. Here are some highlights from this year’s report:

  • First, employees are notably less enthusiastic about their employers relative to regional and global peers.
  • Second, many people experience the culture of their organization as limiting.
  • Last, in spite of the above concerns, many employees in Singapore say they feel appropriately involved in decisions that impact their work and, on the whole, are proud to work for their company. 

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