Organization Design

Inorganic Transformation

Difficult decisions are necessary for long-term success − design a better organization built for both today and tomorrow to thrive in the oil and gas industry. 

Since the oil and gas downturn, organizations have been reacting to various short-term crises — cutting costs, refining the portfolio, reducing supplier costs — which has helped to right the ship. However, in light of recent changes – including advances in technology and new challenges in talent, business models, processes and strategies – few have taken on the full-scale reorganization needed to thrive in a long-term, lower-price market.

Organization Design Paper

Mercer Energy’s new thought paper, Organization Design: Difficult Decisions Are Needed for Long-term Success, part of the Platform for Performance series, explains why the time is right for oil and gas companies to focus on longer-term strategies - who they want to be in the future and how they will get there – and not just on tackling short-term challenges. 

This paper outlines a five-step organization redesign process that will help build long-term structures, roles and accountabilities that align with future business strategy and rewards, engage employees and adapt to market changes.

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