As we enter the next phase of the pandemic and restrictions ease, people and businesses are looking for ways to return to a new normal. Where can companies focus their efforts to return employees safely, effectively and energetically? Each organization will have a unique set of questions and challenges. But so far we’ve seen distinct groups of issues companies are thinking about, which span from strategy to tactics. Building a sustainable path to return will depend on spending time on both. 

Whether working virtually or on-site, one thing we know is that a new shape of work will emerge. No one knows what a “new normal” will look like six months or even six weeks from now.


If you’re ready to get started shaping your new normal, we’re ready to help.


What practical solutions are required to manage costs and build critical skills best suited for the new realities of today? Here are immediate priorities to build resilient people and resilient businesses in the new shape of work.


Developing resilient people

Offer effective employee wellbeing in a remote work setting. Recalibrate employee experience and deliver what really matters to them. Develop career pathways to uplift skills and enable your people to thrive in new operating models.

Developing resilient business

Embrace new ways of working, and reset goals to control your balance sheet. Optimise costs, accelerate digital collaboration and strengthen your business. Balance empathy and economics as you reinvent for a new tomorrow.



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