Relatable organizations are bringing back the joy of work and creating a brighter future for all

This is a moment of profound opportunity: to pick up the tools of empathy learned and honed during the pandemic period and carve a new way of partnering that is more Resilient, Sustainable and attuned to the New Shape of Work.

Last year, nearly 11,000 Executives, HR Leaders, and Employees told us what’s top of mind for them. We heard loud and clear that Relatable Organizations are leading the way in reshaping work, working, and the workplace. What are they focused on? Our research shows that Relatable Organizations have five things in common: They are constantly resetting for relevance, figuring out new ways to work in partnership, delivering on total well-being outcomes, building for employability, and harnessing collective energy to drive transformative change.

According to 2,474 HR leaders around the world, these efforts continue into 2023. They recognize that even in the face of sociopolitical and economic uncertainty, these priorities must remain front and center for organizations and individuals to thrive.

  • Global Talent Trends 2022-2023 - Video transcript

    An upside-down world demands new ways to relate

    Grandparents and grandkids are connecting on TikTok®

    Computers know us better than we think

    Our children now learn from chatbots


    The challenges aren’t over yet


    Organizations must adapt

    60% of executives worry top talent won’t return to work

    98% of organizations report significant skills gaps

    81% of employees feel at risk of burnout


    Turning the world right side up means …


    Reflecting employee values

    82% of employees expect their employer to do what’s right for society


    Harnessing the positive

    Employee’s top prediction is the future of work will be more balanced


    Making moments matter

    High growth companies are twice as likely to design work experiences for different personas


    Welcome to the rise of the Relatable Organization

    Global Talent Trends 2022


How ready is your organization for what’s next?


The pandemic underscored the importance of being opportunitistic and resilient – for organizations and individuals alike. 2023 will be a defining year as ambitious transformation plans and persistent challenges come face-to-face with new realities. HR will need to maintain energy and momentum to ready itself and the business for what lies ahead.

Find out in the 2022-2023 edition of Mercer’s Global Talent Trends Study.

The five trends shaping the People agenda in 2022-2023

Relatable organizations are redefining how they interact with their workforce and contribute to society. They are challenging legacy notions of value creation, and building for a future that is more sustainable and equitable for all.

Benchmark your organization

Relatable organizations are focused on five key areas: resetting for stakeholder relevance, building adaptive capability in their people and processes, figuring out how to work in partnership and tackle inequalities, driving outcomes on employee health and total well-being, incentivizing employability, and harnessing energy for the collective good.

How is your organization forging new ways of partnering that are relatable, sustainable and attuned to the ways people want to work?

Benchmark your actions against the findings from this year’s study.


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