Unlocking Growth in the Human Age

This year’s study gathered input from 800 business executives, 1,800 HR professionals, and 5,000+ employees from 21 industries and 44 countries around the world. From these 7,600+ voices, we heard a very clear message – 2018 is a Year of Action. Organizations are accelerating their transformation efforts as they prepare for the Future of Work, and the importance of putting people at the heart of change makes HR pivotal to these efforts.






"When we are living digitally, working flexibly, and being rewarded uniquely, we will unlock growth in the Human Age."
Kate Bravery, Partner, Global Practices Leader, Mercer Career 


About this year’s top workforce trends

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As companies reimagine the future of work, they must bring an understanding of how the workforce is changing and be careful not to neglect the human operating system that powers their organizations. In pursuit of new technologies, it is easy to lose sight of how people connect and collaborate (and as importantly, when they want to disconnect), how teams co-create, what motivates different segments of the workforce, and how they experience a sense of well-being and purpose through work.

These are the top talent trends as organizations and hr seek to unlock growth in the Human Age:

- The ability to change, and change at speed, is emerging as a differentiating organizational competency.
- Embedding a higher sense of purpose into the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) unlocks individual potential and spurs people to be change agents.
- Flexibility
isn’t just about working wherever/whenever; it’s also about rethinking what work is done, how it is done, and by whom.
- Organizations are becoming smart platforms for matching skill supply with work demand while maximizing human creativity and ambition.
- The ability to unlock growth in the human age will rely on how digital technologies can augment the human work experience.



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