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At Mercer, we believe in building brighter futures. Together, we’re redefining the world of work, reshaping retirement and investment outcomes, and unlocking real health and well-being. We do this by meeting the needs of today and tomorrow. By understanding the data and applying it with a human touch. And by turning ideas into action to spark positive change.


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Career paths



Our university recruiting effort spans campuses across the US, with opportunities in local offices across Mercer’s lines of business. We offer both summer internships and entry-level full-time analyst opportunities for actuarial and non-actuarial roles.



Actuarial analyst and consulting analyst opportunities in Government Human Services, HealthWealth, Mercer Marketplace and Career are oriented toward students graduating in the current academic year from an undergraduate or master’s program who have less than 18 months of relevant business experience.

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    Actuarial Analyst

    As an actuarial analyst, you will:

    • Work closely with senior consultants to design, finance, price and administer clients’ health and welfare programs.
    • Develop employee contribution strategies to meet employer cost objectives and help develop customized pricing and valuation models.
    • Price medical and prescription drug plan designs using proprietary Mercer tools.
    • Analyze vendor renewals and plan experience and estimate future plan costs.
    • Develop basic underwriting and actuarial skills.
    • Build an awareness of health care or retirement plan design, cost factors and the renewal process, as well as industry products, services and tools, including Mercer Health & Benefits or Retirement products, budget setting, rate setting, and evaluation.
    • Actuarial interns and analysts, in the US, have passed at least one exam and are working to obtain an ASA or FSA designation.  
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    Consulting Analyst

    As a consulting analyst, you will:

    • Help collect, analyze and interpret data for reporting to the client.
    • Help write and structure client communications, including proposals, reports, spreadsheets, and presentations.
    • Gain a solid practical and analytical groundwork of the business and industry.

    These positions are available in all of our Health, Wealth and Career businesses.




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    Associate positions are targeted at students graduating from an MBA or master’s program in the current academic year who have three to five years of relevant business experience. Currently, only our Career business recruits on-campus.

    In this position, you will work with a broad range of clients and industries in a stimulating environment, participating as an integral member of project teams to diagnose issues and design strategic solutions that support clients’ success. A Career Associate collaborates with colleagues on numerous and varied projects in a learning-oriented environment and contributes to projects in multiple practice areas.

    In addition, a Career Associate can expect to:

    • Serve as a project manager in collaboration with senior consultants, helping to determine project direction and strategy, developing project timelines and budgets, and managing members on project teams for client and research projects.
    • Write and structure client presentations and communications, including recommendations presented to boards of directors, executives, senior management, and HR leaders. 
    • Engage with clients as a day-to-day point of contact and as a participant in meetings and presentations. 
    • Interpret and draw meaningful conclusions from research and analysis conducted by analysts on industry and organization-specific issues, including business strategy, corporate performance, compensation and rewards practices and trends, global expansion, and best practices in talent management. 
    • Collaborate with senior consultants to develop data-driven solutions across the various practices. 
    • Develop communications to engage and inform organization workforce.

    In your work across the practices, you will also develop project management, consulting, and communications skills through learning on projects that may include the following:

    • Rewards: Design of compensation and benefits philosophy/programs and performance measurement frameworks for executives and the broader workforce population. 
    • Leadership & Organizational Performance: Development of organization structure, career architectures and competencies, performance management systems, leadership assessments, and succession plans. 
    • Workforce Analytics & Planning: Sophisticated and complex analysis of workforce preferences and behaviors as they relate to organizational objectives, the workforce of the future, big data and workforce dashboards, employee engagement, and strategy. 
    • Communications: Assessment of stakeholder audiences and development of communication strategy and deliverables for large-scale initiatives in new or changing organizations. 
    • Mobility: Recommendations to global multinational companies for cost-effective and market-appropriate compensation packages as they place their employees in countries across the world.

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