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Mercer colleagues around the world are working together to build strong, thriving communities.


Mercer colleagues make a difference in their communities through the Mercer Cares BRG, which harnesses our people’s passion for making a meaningful impact in their communities through volunteering.




Our Mercer Cares Business Resource Group


We are advocates for corporate social responsibility not just in the way we do business, but also in our commitment to helping our communities. Mercer Cares is a signature global program that supports and encourages colleague-driven volunteering in the communities where we live and work.


“Mercer Cares is successful because of teamwork. I’m grateful to work with a team of gifted, compassionate and dedicated people from all levels in the organization who are eager to serve their communities and promote human kindness.” — Mercer Cares Chapter Co-Leader, Chicago


How Mercer Cares Makes a Difference

  • Strategically Aligned Nonprofit Partnerships – In collaboration with Marsh McLennan, Mercer partners with select nonprofit organizations to create high-impact initiatives in the areas of education and disaster preparedness and recovery. Mercer is also a proud supporter of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Network globally.
  • Global Volunteer Month – Each May, as a way to increase the impact of our year-round volunteering program, Mercer Cares partners with our colleagues, our clients and our nonprofit partners to make a positive difference in our communities by volunteering together. Download the full infographic to learn more about Global Volunteer Month.
  • Global Reach, Local Impact – Colleagues have access to year-round opportunities to participate in mentorship and other community-focused volunteering initiatives with our nonprofit partners and local organizations.
  • Supporting Local Causes – Each year, Mercer colleagues dedicate thousands of volunteer hours to support an array of important initiatives including education, the environment, health and wellness, poverty alleviation, and veterans affairs.
  • Recognition and Rewards – Colleagues who have given back to their communities in extraordinary ways are recognized and rewarded for their volunteer efforts through our Volunteer Recognition Programs.
  • Dedicated Time Off to Volunteer – All colleagues may take one paid day off each year to volunteer in their communities.

Mercer Cares In Action

It all begins with inspiring teachers.

How Mercer supported the special needs education sector in Singapore to unleash the potential of our nation’s young.

When Mercer undertook a project to strengthen the talent framework that underpins the special education (SPED) ecosystem in Singapore in order to provide quality education to students with moderate to severe special educational needs (SEN), little did we realise the value that this project would create.


The initiative, which saw Mercer’s consultants engaging with more than 70% of SPED teachers in Singapore as well as Social Service Agencies (SSAs) and a government department), didn’t just provide outputs such as a new SPED teacher career framework, role profiles, and a skills framework with a training roadmap: it changed the perceptions and touched the hearts of everyone involved.


Project and professional goals that align which personal passions

The project’s aim was clear: to create a new teacher career framework and role profile, a skills framework and a training roadmap. However, in the process of creating these frameworks, Mercer’s consultants also discovered a lot of things they hadn’t expected: humility, passion and pride. Yes, lives were changed, but not just the lives of the educators the project was designed to serve. Interviewing over 19 SPED schools, 21 Principals and Vice Principals and surveying more than 1,000 SPED teachers gave Mercer deep insights into the challenges facing special needs educators. More importantly, the outputs of this research helped drive sector-wide behavioural change and support government initiatives to improve special education across Singapore. It also humbled and inspired Mercer’s consultants.


Watch this video which tells the wonderful story of how the project has impacted the lives of our colleagues, and those in the community. 

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