Executive Insights: Strategies to Get Ahead of the UK Workforce Crisis in a Pre & Post-Brexit World

  • RECORDED: 03 May 2017


  • Overview

    The UK is sailing into an unprecedented labour shortage and the most dramatic change to the UK workforce since the Industrial Revolution, unless migration, automation and participation are well understood and managed.

    Mercer has conducted analysis of the size of the UK’s workforce from now to 2030, based on possible changes to current migration levels. The aim is to help UK and multinational organisations understand the risks and opportunities that a post-Brexit world poses to the future supply of jobs and skills.

  • Why attend

    Organisations have an opportunity to create competitive advantage by making a start now to understand their future workforce “demand and supply” and find new ways to do more with less.

    Our workforce experts will share what this means for your business and industry, and provide actionable solutions on how to be at the forefront of managing these changes by further strengthening your people strategy. Learn about Mercer’s 5 lines of defense, in response to talent shortages and the future war for talent.

  • Who should attend

    Business Leaders, HR Directors, Talent Directors, Brexit Leaders, Brexit Committee Members, Strategy Directors, COO, CIO, Finance Directors, Diversity and Inclusion Officers, Heads of Reward.

  • Speakers

    Julia Howes, UK Head of Workforce Analytics and Planning, Mercer

    Gary Simmons, Partner and Actuary, Mercer